Monday, July 21, 2008


Johnny is a wonderful, smiley baby. He hardly ever cries. Lately we have been dealing with recurrent ear infections and he is so pleasant about it that by the time I can tell that he is sick they are terrible. I have only one complaint about this lovely child- he is constantly covered in goo. Along with the ear infections comes a nose that runs like a faucet. And you know how all the baby books say that the spit-up goes away at about six months? Johnny has not read these books and still produces large amounts of the stuff every day. Now that he eats table food it comes in bright colors and with chunks. He is also really attracted to anything yucky, any liquid that gets spilled must be cleaned up at hyper speed because he is crawling towards it as fast as his little limbs can carry him. If he gets there before you, he will be covered in the stuff in mere seconds. The attached photo is evidence. He got a hold of the plate Tommy was using to finger paint. I saw him go for it and was running towards him before he even touched it. This is what he accomplished in the 2 seconds it took me to get across the room. He will even play in his own spit-up. EEEWWW! I had these really cute bibs made to help with the spit-up. They lasted about a month. He simply refuses to spit- up only on the bib. He gets his whole outfit, whether or not he is wearing a bib. After a while I gave up on them- it was just more laundry. I have resorted to letting him be naked whenever socially acceptable. I am tired of my beautiful baby always smelling of vomit, I am tired of always smelling of vomit. I want to clean my carpets and not have to pull out the Spot Bot for at least two weeks. I want to put an adorable outfit on John and have it not end up covered in yuck by the time I strap him in the car seat to go wherever it is we are headed. He actually spit-up in one of my favorite purses last week. Gross. I will be sad for lots of the baby things that go away all too quickly, I will not be sad when this goes away.

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Regi said...

He is really is adorable even covered in goo and smelling of vomit!