Friday, July 18, 2008


The last few weeks I have been feeling very productive. I have done all sorts of large projects around the house. I have done lots of work in the baby's room, repainted furniture, framed photos, chosen and hung art and mirrors, and lots of other little details around the house. Today I was repainting my deacons' bench. On order to do so I needed to empty it out. I received the bench as a gift from my grandmother when I graduated from college and since then it has been home to memorabilia from that time. I haven't gone through it very often. As I piled my counter with yearbooks and officer sweaters from Dixie College I came across a diary I wrote over the two years I spent there. I am not great at diaries. I start keeping them all the time and eventually stop. Let's face it- this blog is probably the closest I will ever get. I had no memory of writing this one. Apparently I kept it relatively regularly for most of those two years. As I flipped through I found the story of meeting and falling in love with my husband. I wrote about first meeting him all the way through our engagement. I was very young and naive. I was a goofball but it was heartwarming and wonderful to read about that heady time and about all our hopes and dreams. Our life together has been much more than either of us would have ever guessed. I can't imagine life without him. He is my partner and companion in all things. His is the only opinion that I value as much as my own. He is my best friend and lover. He supports me in anything I want to do and never questions my ability to accomplish anything I set out to do. He has complete faith and trust in me and I in him. He is a wonderful father and strives to always put our family first. At twenty I had no idea how the decision I was making would shape the rest of my life. Today, we have been married for eleven years. I remember our wedding day as a fuzzy sort of dream. It's interesting that my whole life before my wedding it was a dream, a day that you thought about like a fairy tale and how afterwards it retreated to the same sort of a place in my memory. It was only one day. It was the day that brought me to today. To a house full of my beloved boys, and the beloved man who takes the journey with me. And holds my hand along the way.


Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! And to think your journey has just really begun.

Andrea said...

Awww, so sweet! I totally remember your wedding day. We'll be hitting #11 this fall too!


Adri said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe you are onto year #12...Wow! Time flies!

P.S. Kate DOES have green hair from all the swimming she's been doing. But, tell your little Tommy that she's not much of a hippie! :)

Linn said...

So sweet Angie! Happy Anniversary.