Tuesday, July 22, 2008

social climber

Today I lost my baby. Only for a minute. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes as Johnny crawled around the first floor. Both set of stairs are responsibly gated at the top. It's impossible to gate my main staircase at the bottom due to the shape of my banister. This worked just fine until today. All of the sudden I heard the upstairs gate close. Tommy was upstairs, supposedly sleeping. Obviously he was out of bed. I ran up to check on him but he was fast asleep. I went downstairs and it was suspiciously quiet. I couldn't find the baby anywhere on the first floor. I called for him thinking he was underneath something. Nope. He poked his head out of his bedroom, grinning (his bedroom is UPSTAIRS). He had climbed all nineteen stairs and then closed the open gate behind him. I have spent the rest of my day plucking the baby from various stairs, because, of course he can only go up. He has already fallen down several stairs before I could grab him. I foresee the next few weeks being a little tricky. Super.

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Rebecca said...

Scary! I am SO not looking forward to this stage.