Wednesday, January 18, 2012

for all the wrong reasons- doing it better

You may remember the "doing it better" series from last January. It's all about not really making resolutions but just trying to be a little better at stuff that matters to me. So. Here goes.

I have become somewhat of a gym rat in the last several months. I am on a break from distance running (we had a fight because it didn't make me skinny, still not ready to forgive). I am sort of loving doing all these crazy hard classes every single day. I am loving getting in a yoga practice on most days. These things are also not making me skinny as far as I can tell. So I am no longer doing them to make me skinny. I am doing them because I love to wake up every morning, muscles aching a little from the previous day's workout. I love doing it a little faster or heavier than I did it the day before. I love that I went straight from crow to headstand yesterday without falling over. I love the rush of endorphins that is still humming through my body long after the workout. Skinny is different journey. This I am doing just because it feels fantastic.


Adri said...

I've turned into a yoga nut, too, but I don't make it every day and I can't do a headstand! ;) Wish we could breathe together.

Cassi said...


3 stinky boys and me said...
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3 stinky boys and me said...

Hi Cutie Pie! So glad you're blogging again! We missed you!