Monday, January 30, 2012

the waiting game- doing it better

So, lately, we have been doing a lot of waiting. Not really all that patiently either. I have been pretty grouchy about the whole thing. We are still waiting, but it turns out that being irritated and crabby about it isn't helping at all. Instead I decided to make a list of things that will make me sad when they come to an end because you know when this other thing ends, I won't be sad. There are some other things in our lives that will break my heart a little when they come to an end.

1. Johnny's lack of the letter 'r'. "Mommy, I will be afwaid of the dawk fowevew." Every times he speaks it's super, super adorable. Every. Time.

2. Tommy's toothless grin. He lost his two front teeth several months ago and I sort of melt a little bit every time he grins at me. His grown-up teeth are finally coming in (and are enormous, our orthodontist will be thrilled) and soon he will have a mouth full of those giant things. Sigh.

3. My super clean house. When your house is on the market, there is no cheating. It's supposed to be shiny, shiny clean all the time. Right this second beds get made every single day, counters get wiped, mirrors de-smudged, every single day, no matter what. We're pretty clean most of the time and all those things happen most the time but I kind of love having an excuse to be super obsessive about it. Shiny, shiny clean makes me super happy.

4. I'm a gym rat. I really hate that Ty doesn't live here anymore. I hate, hate, hate it. It makes sleeping very tricky and lonesome. I do, however have lots of gym time because it turns out that that's how I deal with stress the very best. The more I workout, the better I cope. I think in real life, the number of hours a week I am spending at the gym might be hard to justify but right now, I'm living on endorphins.

5. Being the object of concern. Every week at church 25 people ask me in that very concerned voice, "How are you doing?" Friends and family call to check on us. People invite us to dinner and sleepovers. I hate feeling like a project and honestly we are doing just fine but it's lovely to feel like the people in our lives genuinely care about us.

See, we're pretty lucky, after all.


Andrea said...

Oh Ang, I hate that I know exactly what you mean. I hope all this waiting ends soon and you can go back to a simpler life of enjoying your cute boys with your husband there too. ((hugs))

Awg and Koff said...

I lOVE YOU!! I hate that I cant see tommy's smile or hear Johnny :(

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