Monday, January 9, 2012


1. Is your house sold? When are you moving? Etc, etc, etc.?
No, no it's not. Hopefully things will pick up now that the holidays are over. We're not yet sure what we will do if they don't and I sooooo don't want to talk about it anymore. It just makes me feel sad and stressed.

2. When are you going to start blogging again.? (ok, not that many asked this question but it's kind of the purpose of the post)
Why, today, of course. January has me feeling all fresh-start-y and bloggy.

3. Does this mean you'll be writing every day?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- No, I will not be any better at that then I have been in the past. Well, maybe a little better.

4. Since it's January, will you be doing your ever popular 'doing it better' series this year?
Yup, starting tomorrow-ish.


Adri said...

Hey sorry you are still living in limbo. I hate that! Sending good vibes for home purchasers your way.

And, I love reading when you post, so I hope you do it more often! :)

Andrea said...

Angie, I hate real estate. If I can dump my stupid house, I'll take a vow to rent for the rest of my pathetic life. :P

Glad to at least see you peeking out of hiding!

Anonymous said...

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