Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lenting it all go

Technically, we don't celebrate Lent. But I want to, so I do, all by myself. I love the idea of a time of self- denial and improvement. A time to better one's self. And in the spring when I'm feeling all nest-y. It's perfect. For this year's informal Lent activities at my house I was inspired by my friend, Erin who had a great idea and my other friend, Linn who does this sort of thing all the time. Erin decided to purge her house, a bag a day for the forty days of Lent. I am slavishly copying this idea. I, of, course, got started late due to spring break vacations and such so my little project will be extending well into May. I am having so very much fun. I always think I am good at getting rid of things until I purge, and then I am appalled at the amount of sheer stuff that has piled up. It's a very first-world, lucky sort of problem to have. At any rate, I am quickly becoming a regular at Goodwill and Amvets, and every bag that goes away takes a little of the tension in my neck with it. Probably won't be able to stop at forty.


Emz said...

YAY for your version of lent.

As loong as I don't have to give up Mac n cheese.

I'll send the recipe!!!

Julie said...

I'm totally doing this. Starting today!!!!!

Linn said...

Forty bags in forty days?! That is GENIUS! Unfortunately, due to my already nutso getting rid of things, I'd have to toss the kids to make the quota, but my word, I love this so much! And you've put me in the mood to go get rid of more. Jacob will not be happy with you. :)

Thanks for the kind mention! And for being excited about our great news.