Thursday, December 2, 2010

because the elves are no help at all

So, so busy!

Trees with faulty lights, presents that must be shipped, laundry, presents that must be made, cards to be mailed, addresses rediscovered, swimming lessons, etsy store to stock, tutoring, presents to order, laundry, custom skirt order, wedding dress (!), travel plans to make, company party, laundry, yoga, the house, basketball practice, presents to wrap, breakfast with Santa, laundry, crazy-hard training program for next marathon, vacuum, third ear tube surgery for the little one, homemade advent, dinner, make the beds, new nephews, playgroup and on and on and on.

See how the blog didn't even make the list? Soon my dears, soon.


Andrea said...

I'm thinking about 10 of those things need to come off the list. Especially the surgery--that one's for the birds. Laundry too. Don't bother. And vacuuming. Those can for sure wait until after the holidays.


Carrie said...

You always amaze me with all the things you do! Make sure to pause and enjoy the holiday spirit. I miss you and can't wait till February!

Linn said...

Skip on the laundry. I do.

(Or at least want to so bad it is ridicuous.)