Monday, November 29, 2010

more good news- thankful

This is my baby sister, Michelle. ( and my beautiful niece, Chloe)

This weekend a delightful young man gave her one of these

He is kind and good and funny. We are so excited to have him join the family.
Congratulations to both of you!


Rebecca said...

She's still a little kid in my mind. This kills me. Man. I'm old. Not you. Just me. :)


Dena said...

My baby!
It cannnot be. But it is. My chicadees have all really flown the coop. It is so, so strange. At night, I still dream of you children as children. When I wake I am so grateful that you not only survived, but turned out to be beautiful people, inside and out, and even better my dearest friends.
Love Mom