Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on the occasion...

...of his sixth birthday.

Mom: Tommy, How does it feel to be six?
Tommy: Good. Well. umm, probably just great.

M: What things would you like to accomplish this year?
T: Well, I would I would say do my marble set a whole bunch and build some cars.
Guess what he got for his birthday...besides the new bike which he doesn't mention.

M: What are a few of you favorite things?
T: Like Thunder Mountain Mailroad and Space Mountain are my favorite roller coasters. That's all.
Possibly he is hinting at his preference for our next vacation.

M: Who are a few of your favorite people?
T: Nathan and the other Nathan and Owen, Jacob from school, and umm, probably and my family.
And the jillion other friends who we just haven't happened to see or discuss today or yesterday.

M: What would you like to be when you grow up?
T: Scientist, I keep telling you! Don't you get it?
Hmmm, I wonder what it feels like when people don't listen to what you say?

M: What are some of your favorite things to do?
T: Ride roller coasters and I like to run around and play on my friend Ryan's trampoline. I do like to run around with my brother.
Guess whose house we played at today? And boy, oh boy does he like to run around with his brother.

M: How do you feel about starting kindergarten this year?
T: Well. good.
As if this were the lamest question ever asked.

M: Anything else you'd like to say?
T: I would say we should go to the next question.
Luckily for everyone involved, there are no more questions.

Happy birthday, Sunshine! We adore you.

In case you're feeling nostalgic, here's last year's interview.


Linn said...

Yeah, happy birthday to both of our boys' today! That Tommy is one adorable boy. Love the interview idea, still love to steal it. If I can ever remember.

Linn said...

Boys' today?

Seriously, what time is it?

Time to turn off the computer is the answer.

Happy Birthday Tommy! (From the lady who is deliriously tired from celebrating a birthday at her house and apparently can't type.)

Emz said...

Cutest photo ever.

Love the mom interview idea.

Happy Day to Tommy!!

Carrie said...

Happy Be-lated birthday, Tommy! We miss you guys!!!

Haley said...

I'm jealous you guys get full-day kindergarten, even if you are sad to see your little guy grow up. Congrats on the birthday- looks like all is well with you!

Nate and Di said...

Happy Birthday, Tommy!!!

Dena said...

Dearest Daughter,
How did you get so clever? I love the birthday interview, both of them. I feel like I get a snapshot of what Tommy is like. I miss you all so much.