Wednesday, September 15, 2010

seasonal confusion

I'm old fashioned. In lots of ways. One of these ways is my feelings about clothes. For example I don't wear white after Labor Day (this rule only applies to things at below the waist e.g. skirts, shoes) and while the basics live in my closet year-round, I have two very distinctly seasonal wardobes. The off-season lives in the off-season closet in the basement and bringing up the new season's wardrobe is really quite a lovely way to spend an afternoon. This year the weather has really caused problems in my system. It's time to put away the summer stuff and start pulling out the boots, jeans and sweaters. For example, today it was 95 degrees. Not even I, with my freakish tolerance for heat can wear jeans and boots in that much sunshine. In an effort to dress for the weather regardless of the calendar, I pulled on a floaty white skirt. But I couldn't do it, it felt too frumpy.  All my summer stuff just feels inappropriate.  I changed into skinny capris and off we went.  I only have one pair of these. I cannot wear them every day. I just checked the forecast. Indian summer is forecasted to continue indefinitely. Despite two full closets, I feel like I have nothing to wear

* On a super happy note, my newest nephew, Ryker was born today! He is beautiful! Congrats to Cassi, Allan and big sister Chloe.


Carrie said...

You should come visit Boston! The high today is 70. Yesterday I wore one of my new denim mini skirts, long sleeve polo and my faux black Uggs! It was awesome!

Emz said...

Love the name Ryker.

Always white. Drives me nuts when people say no white after Labor day. You rock what ever you want woman.

If you lived in AZ you could break out a sweater 30 days of the year. Just sayin' ;)

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Ugh! I'm with you. What's up with this hot weather! By the way, I didn't know you lived in Kansas! We live in Olathe. We should have lunch. Let's get it on the calendar! Fun! xo Tasha