Monday, September 13, 2010


Ty doesn't watch sports and he doesn't play golf. He doesn't have bowling or poker nights. But, he does play video games.

He kills zombies. And aliens.

He is not one of those men who disappear into the basement at inappropriate times for days. He only plays a few hours a week, always after checking with my schedule. He and his brothers connect on the Xbox and spend hours yelling bad words at the huge t.v that we bought just for this purpose. He is picky about his games, but very serious once he chooses one. Until he beats it, and then he's is forever finished with it. Except for Halo. They can play Halo for hours and hours and hours. And hours. They get all excited every time some new version comes out. Case in point. Tomorrow is Tommy's birthday so Ty had been planning to have lunch with him at school. It is also the release date of the newest Halo game. He took the whole day off. So did his brothers. They are picking up their copies at midnight and beginning immediately. Ty will meet Tommy for lunch while the rest nap or something and then they will play some more. I want to make fun of him but I can't because he's so responsible most of the time about all of it. It's pretty funny though that a 35-year-old attorney is taking the whole day off to play video games, just like he promised he would when he was 12.


Emz said...

OMGosh . . . how I love this post.

I will never "get" video games or hours spent playing them but . . .not many understand running for hours either. ;)

Carrie said...

Let that inner child play! I love it!

Carrie said...
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Dena said...

Tymon is sooo... unique. I am with you; He is a good man, an amazing father, and he seems to possibly be a little mushy when it comes to you (I won't tell). It is wonderful that he stays in contact with his brothers in such a fun way. In all fairness, if I figured out how to play some video games, I might really like them.