Sunday, September 12, 2010

me and my delicate constitution

So I've been hearing about this 'Hoarders' show for a while now. Everyone goes on and on about how fascinating it is and how they can't help it, but they just can't get enough of it. We are the cable-less wonders so we have never had the opportunity to catch it. Last night it showed up on the Netflix instant download cue and we thought, "why not?" Holy. Hissing. Cats. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life, like ever. By about half-way though I was literally gagging, GAGGING on my couch. Ty was having edit for me and tell me when it was o.k. to look. How does anyone watch this? Even worse, how are they living like this?! And what is wrong with our society that this is a hit show? Ick, ick, ick!!!! I'm going to go scrub something right now. Shiver.


Linn said...

Holy. Hissing. Cats.

You might be my favorite person EVER for saying that. Ever.

Of course it sicks you completely out. I think of it as a favor to humanity. I throw out everything we own every time I watch it. Which is why I've been banned. Jacob likes the kids. And they are all that is left.

thomasadaniels said...

I have not seen it yet. Can't say it is on my bucket list. Might be too close to home. Diane thinks that I am a "pre hoarder" of sorts. Wish I could hoard $. Thats a thought.

Dena said...

Sooo funny! I kind of like those shows; sometimes, I feel like my house is disgusting. Then I catch a look at the show and feel all uppity-my house has never looked or smelled that bad. My sewing room is definitely messy, never filthy. Of course, Dad would throw me out with all the junk if it got too out of hand.All you girls are better house cleaners than me.