Friday, September 10, 2010

vacation bonanza- part two

Day three- Favored parts

This day started in Ty's favorite way- with a cave. We headed out to Maramec Caverns first thing in the morning. It was definitely aimed at the tourists, which we were. Lots of amazing cave formations culminating in a fancy colored light show that climaxed in an Amerian flag. Very patriotic. ANd Jesse James totally evaded a posse here. Also they sold fudge, lots of fancy flavors of fudge. Yum. After an overpriced lunch and ice cream cones we headed back to the resort for the part I had been looking forward to all weekend. the float. Three rivers converge right around the area where our little camping resort is situated and that's what people come there to do, to float down the rivers. You can float in a canoe, a raft or do mini-floats in tubes. Do to Johnny's short attention span we opted for tubes. I could have done this for days and days. We stayed a day after most people had left due to a conveniently placed teacher prep day (thank you USD 259) so we were the only people on the river except for one pass by a speed boat which caused no end of super fun waves. Mostly you just lounge in your tube ( they had mesh botttoms so there was no worries about anyone falling through and the boys were life-jacketed) and stare at the sky and the trees and listen to the cicadas. And fish little boys out of the river every time they jumped in. Highly recommend this form of recreation for everyone.

Followed by smores, lots and lots of smores.

Day Four- In which we drive home

Many possums and a husband who still drives like and old lady but we got home just in time for swim lessons, because they don't do make-ups and those things are expensive. And laundry, so very much laundry. And little boys begging to head back to the mountains next weekend. I didn't really know how to explain about the whole 'we live in Kansas thing, land of the flat' so I just pointed out the fact that we had a soccer game and yoga and church....and well. you know how it goes.

Tomorrow, a real post. Are you so excited?


Andrea said...

Your boys are so darling!!! Even with--or maybe especially with-- smore covered faces!

Steph and Andrew said...

sound like so much fun! sorry I missed it. I miss those blue eyed boys and my sister!