Friday, July 2, 2010

things i am doing instead of blogging

1. Finally (stupid injury) training for St. George- hooray!!!
2. Restocking my etsy shop- wait until you see the cute things I have been making. And. There are lots more coming. My shelves are full of lovely new fabrics.
3. Laundry- no idea how these small people wear so very many clothes.
4. Swim lessons here- Am super impressed and am now convinced that at least one of my boys will someday be swimming in the Olympics.
5. Cleaning out the basement- finished, hooray!
6. Sorting things for this consignment sale- am finding it very freeing to get rid of old baby stuff. ( this does not indicate a final decision but I figure that if I ever need baby stuff, I will get new stuff which will also be fun)
7. Designing Tommy's big boy room- he has requested a science theme, of course. Can't wait to show you.
8. Attempting to keep Johnny away from my fancy sewing scissor, and all other scissors because he does naughty things with them. And he might get hurt. It's going so-so.
9. Trying, (also unsuccessfully) to keep my extremely exuberant garden under control. Will probably write more about this on Monday because I am feeling very proud of it just now.
10. Getting excited to blow things up in our very own driveway tomorrow with lots of friends. Wanna come? You're invited.
11. Resolving to be a better blogger. Starting Monday.

Have a lovely weekend, hope you blow things up at your house too.


3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Have a super fun and safe holidays! You are one busy girl!


Malea said...

"Hope you blow things up at your house too." Spoken like a true Daniels. Yes. Thank you. We most certainly will blow things up today, and everyday. Happy 4th, sweet cheeks.

erin said...

The superhero capes in your etsy shop are adorable! Also, we need to get together and catch up sometime. Miss you and Amanda.