Friday, July 9, 2010

green something

I don't think I can claim a green thumb. There is a certain amount of intention and knowledge that goes along with a "green thumb". I have neither of those things. I can grow roses and, apparently, completely out-of-control vegetable gardens, but not because I have any idea what I am doing. I love this garden. I love the exuberance and the complete refusal to be limited by little things like borders and other plants. I love the squash vine that has invaded the tomatoes cages just because it could (even though I will probably have to do something about that if I want the tomatoes to make it to ripe adulthood). I love that the pumpkin vines currently extend almost 12 feet into the lawn if I let them. I love how everybody is all tangled and twisted together. I know I need to go do a little thinning but I just don't seem to have the heart. They are all trying so very hard and I don't want to quash their ambition. Plus, I am already excited about the jack-o-lanterns and peppers that come from such vines. Imagine.


Steph and Andrew said...

My squash plant is out of control as well. I feel so accomplished. Your garden is just lovely though.

Dena said...

Very cute, but if you want big need to prune.

You will learn, like me. However, the plants are stupendous and if that is what you want, you are doing fantastic.

Love, still learning, Mom