Saturday, July 10, 2010


Want to know something I am not good at? Potty training. I despise it with every part of my being. I thought I was O.K. at it because Tommy wasn't all that difficult to train. He is a pleaser, so when he figured out that doing his business in the potty made everyone happy with him, he was thrilled to comply. I took credit for this attitude. Johnny is not a pleaser. He is happy to go in the potty-if I put him on it every 45 minutes or so. I am pretty sure that if I was really consistent about this for a week or so that it would click and he would be trained. But. That requires lots and lots of 100% consistency on my part and it 's just not really happening. Turns out, I am totally lazy. So. I ask your your aid. This is my very last package of pull-ups. I will be consistent because when they run out, we are moving on to underpants and if I haven't been consistent, that will be super unpleasant. If you see me at Target contemplating the pull-up options, please slap my hand and remind me of this post. We are on a deadline, people. Preschool starts in 8 weeks. Watch this space for updates.


Malea said...

Please tell me what works for you, cause I'm about to start on boy number four and I am as lazy as I could be. Mckay is three now, and is the oldes of my kids to not be potty trained by now. I usually dislike buying diapers so very much when I can use the money for fun things...but nothing has motivated me yet. Help me Angie Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

MontyFam said...

Hi Angela! I saw your blog from Mandy's. I happen to be potty training Will and Ben right now! I hate, hate, hate it. The first few days were torture, but it's getting better. The thing that finally worked for us was putting them in underwear. They just got lazy with the pull ups and frankly so did I. With undies on I had to really be on top of them or I would have some not so fun messes to clean up! We also didn't leave the house for 3 days and I had them go every hour. I thought I was going to go crazy not going anywhere for 3 days and I felt like I needed a potty training support group where I could just cry and hear that I wasn't alone. I wish you much luck in this "crappy" part of our job as being a mother. Hang in there! You can do it : )
Melissa Montgomery

Adri said...

I despise potty training, too. Best of luck, brave one!

Amber said...

Best of luck, I have only done it once and can't claim to be a pro. I can only say Breath Deeply. It is my mantra to get through the @#%!&$ parts of life.

cuzimmom said...

I used M & M's with both Sarah & Steph. Sarah was trained in 1 day, Steph about 4-5. The hard part was getting them un-addicted to M & M's. Good Luck!!

DeAnna said...

So funny, I remember potty training Carter and Kai. I did finally end up just putting them in underwear. I had just installed brand new carpet through out my entire house, so I put the biggest thickest sweat pants that cinched around the ankle along with the thicker training undies. This worked well to protect my new purchase and really helped them figure out when they were actually peeing. With diapers I don't think they even realized when they were or weren't voiding their bladder. Good luck, I have 3 down and 1 to go.

Dena said...

Great posts! It is so funny, we were chatting about Chloe and
I just told your Dad I could not believe these young mothers! MY 5 children were potty trained by the time they were 2, for sure. Pampers were very expensive so I mostly used cloth diapers (with the first 4, especially). Duh, so the little tykes really knew what "wet" and "poopoo" felt like, -not so fun. Disposable diapers keep the kids so "dry", I can see how you have to put undies on so they can get, uncomfortable.

"Potty candy" I swear by it.

You can do it! I believe in you!
Go forth and conquer the dragon.

Love, Mom

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Ugh! You're asking the wrong person, for sure. Good luch with all that potty training business and let us know what works for him. I could use some serious pointers.