Monday, January 25, 2010

those things can take off a finger if you aren't careful

Yesterday I was snappish. Very snappish. When I am snappish I have no patience. None. Not for anything or body. I snapped at my poor children bunches of times. I hate it when this happens. I feel guilty forever.

They can't help it. They are 5 and 2. That's just how 5 and 2-year-olds act sometimes. Developmentally appropriate and all that.

I want to blame it on PMS but I have a Mirena and I don't really have any sort of recognizable cycle anymore so I don't know if that's valid. Plus it scares me a little to think it could affect me that much. But I can't think of any other reason for me to have acted so badly.

 I have a vague idea of just how blessed I am to have two healthy, happy little boys. I know many who have to fight a lot harder than I do for their babies and some never get them at all. Some little ones get sick or hurt and sometimes they die. I can't even imagine. I bet the parents of those kids look at me when I am ungrateful and feel a bit resentful. They should. They're right. How dare I feel grouchy about my almost perfect life, my completely perfect babies? So, this morning I prayed for patience but I also prayed to be more grateful  and I prayed that I wouldn't miss the important stuff by wasting my time on a bad attitude. And snapping.

P.S. I also snapped at my beloved but he just ignored me and didn't seem bothered in the least.

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Carrie said...

Sometimes those rare "bad" moments make us appreciate the "good" ones more. Everyone has them, some more than others. The good news is if we sit down and think about it... the "good" always outweighs the "bad".

Linn said...

We must be connected somehow because I have been super "snappish" for the past couple of days. I'm so grateful for your post. I am going to pray that I will be kinder and mostly, that I will be grateful. Like you, I have SO much to be grateful for.

Emz said...

love the red tree [template]. and if you "snap" so rarely that you made a blog post about it --- you are my hero. I stink at this daily. You're awesome.

loving_wife said...

Must be something in the mommy-air... my husband had to tell me 2 days ago that I had been snapping at our 9 year old for 3 days straight... I had been more patient with our 4 year old (since he is 4) but had not even noticed how short I was with the eldest. I am glad I had someone to GENTLY point it out to me - so I wouldn't snap at him in the process either!

Amber said...

I have to constantly remind myself "tomorrow is another day" and hope my children forgive me. Hope things are going better.