Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pretty boys

More than once, I have had women stop me on the street to tell me that my children should be models. Yes, they are tow-headed and blue-eyed but, quite frankly, I think this has more to due with the fact that they grin and flirt with every single person who deigns to glance at them than anything else. Don't get me wrong, I think that they are preposterously cute, but we all feel that way about our offspring. It's the sly grins, the sideways tilt of the head, the blowing of kisses that really win people over, not the genetics.

Last May I got a fancy new camera for my birthday. The updated version of the one I have been pining for since I worked at a camera store my freshman year of college. You may have noticed the improved quality of my photos. I take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately most of those pictures are of aprons and capes and bibs and other things for my little etsy shop. Not nearly so many of the most photographable subjects in my house. I get busy and it seems like a lot of trouble to get the camera off the shelf for every little thing. Except that six months from now they will be doing different little things and I will have missed the window to catch that one. Without digital evidence there is a really good chance that I will forget many of the things all together. Quel dommage!

So- I have moved the camera to a lower shelf and I plan to waste a little more time messing around with it. They can be models for me. Models of what boyhood looked like during the 2010s in our house. I have no intention of becoming a professional like several of you are. But. I will become better at taking pictures of these two monkeys than anyone else could be. I will be the Annie Leibowitz (didn't even have to look that up!) of my little demesne. That way I won't forget because it's all a little too wonderful to forget.

#10- Take more pictures of my little family and the life we are living.

(he wouldn't put the sandwich down-I tried)


Linn said...

They are so stinkin' cute! Seriously, I cannot get over how old they look though. And that sandwich? It has never looked more grown up and adorable.

Carrie said...

This is the very reason I carry my camera all the time. It goes by way to fast and my memory need reminders. Keep up the good'll have memories to last a lifetime!

Erin said...

They are beautiful boys for sure.

I will also admit I am SUPER jealous of your fancy camera.

sherra said...

They are very good looking boys, that's for sure!! How are you guys doing? We miss you