Saturday, January 23, 2010

just keep swimming

I keep having all these great ideas for posts when I am not at the computer. I, of course, do not write them down and thus, when I return to said computer can think of nothing to write. Sigh. There are things I want to write about but am not allowed to, things that I could write about but that would be so boring to read that my few readers would delete this link in disgust or I could complain about some interesting customer service I've had lately or the stupid January weather but I am not offended enough by wither to bother. That means you are stuck with the following ramblings. I hope they don't drive you away.

I'm feeling a little obsessed lately with the idea of starting over. I don't think I ever recognized how often we do it, both in big ways and small. New years, new challenges, new goals, new seasons, new babies, new lessons, new hardships, new joys. This idea of beginning again must matter. It must be essential to our humanity and to our continued progression, right? Because this time we will get it right, we will do it better, closer to the goal. Even it's just a little closer. So here's my epiphany;

It's never too late.

Never, as long as we are breathing.

I am overwhelmed by the hopefulness of this thought.

And so very grateful.

#8-(sort of unrelated) Take self portraits to find peace with my body, enjoy my youth and health while I have it and to know myself better.
#9 Carry around a notebook to jot down ideas for writing and anything else that I don't want to forget.


Malea said...

You're so pretty. It's not a surprise we became friends way way back when. Our inner dialogues still match.

Linn said...

Love the post, LOVE the picture--you are incredible my friend.

jennifer-love said...

i like your blog! you were just a random blog that i opened but i really love your writings- expecially the last one-about writing things that nobody is interested with; or being obsessed with the idea of starting over-
i found myself in it-but who didn't?!

Emz said...

love the photo. awesome.

"There are things I want to write about but am not allowed to" ??

Sure you are ALLOWED!!

Come on ! You can't tease us like that!! ;)

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Here's my thing about blogging: I've just recently decided to do it for me. I hate that 'real bloggers' can't write about their lives as a mommy. It's like it's a bad word. I know not every one wants to read about the crazy things my husband or kids say, or how hard potty training is, or why I hate the big bottle of lotion I just bought, but this is my life. This is me now. And I want to remember it and document it. Whoever else want to read it and support it is just extra.

I love the idea of taking more pictures of yourself. I'm so harsh on myself too that I don't like to be in photos, but maybe I should give it a try. You're an inspiration. : )