Monday, January 4, 2010

our eyes are bigger than our stomachs

I have been using that super-concentrated liquid laundry detergent for a while now because, you know, I'm all eco-conscious and stuff. And because Tommy and I are allergic to the powder. Anyhow- this last time I bought it was even more concentrated and in an even smaller (recyclable, of course) bottle. Hooray! I love when stuff takes up even less space than I am used to, especially when it still delivers the same 96 loads. Since it was a new package I decided to refresh my self on the directions just to be sure. For an extra large load it recommends that you fill the little cup to the line labeled 2. I examined the little cup that came with it. The cup goes all the way up to 4. So, for the very largest load you only need to fill the cup half-way. I know, with all my heart, that they have done this on purpose. I bet 80% of people never read the instructions and assume that the lines on the side of the cup correspond with the load size. They are essentially wasting half of the bottle. Half! People also tend to use way more dishwashing powder than required, my machine only needs 2 tsp. and the concept is the same.

We have this idea that more is better, but usually more just means leftover residue and possibly itching later. I have been guilty of this mentality as much as the next gal. I have bought clothes and shoes that I only wear once or not at all, I buy duplicates of things I already have because I am not paying close attention, fruit goes bad before we eat it. Here and there I have nicely organized bins of things I never use. I am probably more organized than the average bear, even though that is something I am trying to improve upon, and I am embarrassed by the waste that goes on in my home.

Last night when the boys ate three bites of their curry and then declared themselves full, I helped them wrap the leftovers in tin foil to be served again for lunch today. My bag of things to be donated is quickly expanding to several and tomorrow my teenager gets to help me go throught the linen closet. I feel better already.

#4- Only buy stuff I actually need, use what I have approriately and continually purge all the extra stuff we don't.


3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

This is a HUGE to do for me too this New Year: buy what I need, use what I buy, and get rid of the rest. My only problem is: I LOVE STUFF. Lots and lots of stuff. Ugh!

Linn said...

Oh be still my heart, I love this post. Love it!