Saturday, January 2, 2010

oh, how I will miss you

On New Years' Eve we went out with some of our favorite friends (see pics here). The next morning, as we sat around the breakfast table in the hotel, I declared the Diet Coke sitting in front of me to be the last one. I am dropping soda. It's not good  for me, it's bad for my teeth (even without sugar), it does bad things to your insulin levels and it contributes to my not drinking enough water. No more, I say! Except that I got home and realized that I had not finished up the last case I bought. I am sticking to my guns but you can't really expect me to refrain with the stuff ice cold and ready to go in my very own house! I am down to about 6 cans. When they are gone, there is no more and I am sure it will be great and I will be so much more healthy and blah, blah, blah. Sigh, I will miss you my friend.

#3 No more soda! (and by that I mean NONE)


Steph and Andrew said...

you're a stronger woman than I. I couldn't do it; it's the nectar of the gods. mmmmmmmm

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Nooooo..... don't do it! Wow! I have to say, my route 44 diet vanilla coke from Sonic is my one and only daily treat. I look forward to it all day, every day. I thought many times about giving it up, but... I. Just. Can't. Do. It. Good luck!

Emz said...

YEA for you!! I've been "sober" ;) for over 2 years!! Don't miss it AT ALL!!!

P.S. [loved the photos].

Kim said...

I am right there with you and my Diet Dr. Pepper. When my pack is gone, NO MORE. We can do this!