Thursday, December 10, 2009

paving the road to hell

Dear Neighbors,

I want you all to know how impressed I am by your tasteful Christmas light displays. They really are lovely. I also want you to know that last year, after seeing them all in their glory, I bought piles of outdoor lights at the after holiday sales with every intention of joining the crowd this year. I even bought the little clips Then, the weekend after thanksgiving was insane and I just didn't get to it. The week after that was really crazy too and this week, well this week it's 9 degrees outside. Plus, I will absolutely have to take them down on New Years' Day so they'd only be up for like three weeks. And that seems like a whole lot of work for three weeks. Yesterday I carried the bin of lights back to the basement, all still tidily in their boxes. Sorry. I had the best of intentions, I swear. Next year, for sure. Promise.

Love, Me

Obviously, this is not one of my neighbors tasteful displays but worth a look nonetheless. Wow.


Linn said...

The house we are in right now doesn't have an outside outlet. Anywhere. Rock on. Laziness justified. Check.

And that photo of the house. I don't care if you are Bill Gates, can you really afford that electricity bill?

Carrie said...

Yeah, we just didn't want waste the energy on putting lights up. Especially after all the energy we used on the TREE!!!

Emz said...

COME ON MOLLY!!! Bake 4 loaves of bread, do your family history, rotate your canning, can your peaches and THEN go back and get that bin of lights!!

w h a t e v e r !

YEA for you!!

Andrea said...

You only wish that was your neighbor. That is just pure awesomeness.