Saturday, December 5, 2009

fancy pants

To whichever one of my friends to whom I was recently extolling the virtues of the new Target brand diapers.

I made a mistake. We all know that there are many things that Target does well. Many. Diapers, as it turns out, are not one of them. I know I said otherwise, but it had only been two days and I was blinded by a low price and an abiding love of the red bullseye. We are a Pampers family. They have never, ever failed me. I was wrong to stray. Please don't let my poor judgement guide any of your future diaper purchases, I wouldn't want to wish all that extra laundry on anyone that I loved.

Love, Me

P.S. If you ever have to search for pictures of diapers on Google, be very careful. I don't understand why you would post a photo of the contents of your child's diaper on the internet, but apparently, people do.


Malea said...

Thanks, actually. They are too big of an investment to make a mistake with. Hope you are feeling an itty bit better. I didn't realize that Mono was more than just a urban myth. Much cyber ju ju to you, my friend.

DeAnna said...

I have experienced the low price lure of target diapers and I too had many ISSUES. Pampers is the only way to go. Got that info from a mother of 6 now mother of 9 when my twins were infants;)

Amber said...

I also made the Target brand diaper mistake during newborn days. Had to through out many onesies. I am really liking the Costco brand.

Sarah said...

there are no such things as good generic diapers...and it took me 5 kids to find this out. :)

Emz said...

I'm going to take your word for it on the P.S. note. I cannot believe it but I'm going to trust you on this one. ;)
People are nuts.