Friday, December 4, 2009

oh, so toasty

Oh, how I love the UPS man. Guess what he brought me yesterday? The fancy new electric blanket that my delightful in-laws bought us for Christmas. They said we could open it early. Do you you have one of these? They are HEAVEN. I am not even exaggerating. My toes were warm almost immediately. Yum. All night long I was toasty warm, even though I refuse to turn the heat above 60 degrees at night. I know, you totally wish you had my in-laws. I'm off to my pre-heated bed. Yay.


Stephanie said...

I'd love one of these! My feet are always freezing at night, and now that it's winter I've resorted to wearing socks which makes me feel a bit claustrophobic.

Hooray for wonderful in-laws!

Emz said...

Yea! Happy for you!

Hope you are feeling better?! Even a little?! The blanket has got to help!! ;)