Monday, November 16, 2009

27 mpg-thankful

(mine is black, of course)
My little CR-V is in the shop this morning for it's scheduled tune-up. It's costing me an exorbitant amount of money. In return they sent me off with an Odyssey to drive for a day. I know there are many of you out there who love your minivans, especially your Odysseys. Sorry, but not me. Ugh- it's huge! It barely fits in the garage. It's like driving a cruise ship around. My little CR-V turns on a dime and gets 27 mpg in the city. It navigates snow and ice without a hiccup, it fits into any parking space and has plenty of room for anything that I will ever need to transport. I love it and will drive it until I absolutely must move on and even then, even though I know many have said the same and caved, for me , it will NOT be a minivan. And ideally it will get even better gas mileage than I get now. Won't that be delightful.

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Emz said...

Love-Love-Love this post!!

So funny.

I come from a long line [of what you call] "cavers" mini-van cavers. I am sticking with you on this though. Even if I finally get pregnant again [one day] with let's say quadruplets -------- NO MINI-VAN FOR ME!! I have certainly bonded with you on this one!! ;)