Thursday, October 15, 2009

why i look like this

Dear Mom,

I need you. I need you to come stay with me for a month or so. I will teach you all about my bedtime routine and then, I need you to enforce it. I want to go run at 5:30 am, in order for this to happen, I need to go to bed by 9:30. That means lights off. No "just going to finish this chapter" reading, no computer, no texting, no cleaning, no laundry,and no more sewing. You have to help me be O.K. with going to bed with unfinished projects, because I just can't seem to do that and it is really messing with my sleeping. Then, I can't get up to run in the morning and so I have to go run while Tommy is at school which is when I should be doing all sorts of other things and the behind-ness just gets worse as the day progresses, thus causing me to stay up late at night finishing things and beginning the cycle all over. My kids go to bed on time almost always. This is because I understand how important it is for them to get enough sleep. Once again, I am a hypocrite. A very tired, puffy-eyed hypocrite.
I need what my children have. Someone who is so worried about their welfare that they will force me to do what is best for me even when I fight them. Ty can't help because he doesn't' believe in telling me what to do (bless his heart). If you don't come soon, I will lose my looks completely and become a bridge troll out of sheer orneriness. Hmmmm, do bridge trolls get to go to bed? Probably. I bet they don't even have unfinished projects.

Love, Me


Linn said...

I adore you Angie friend! I wish I could be motivating and help you, but I am terrible when it comes to going to bed on time. It has been a goal for me my entire life, but I don't do well at it for more than a week or so. Errr, if you figure it out, please let me know.

Nate and Di said...

Oh my dear sweetheart,
I apologise profusely for the challenge you are now in the midst of. It is my fault. There are so many wonderful things this world has to offer and you have so many uncharted and in progress talents, take it from someone wise with experiece, you cannot do it all, right now. It would be extremely important and beneficial for you to develope the art of choosing (Heavenly Father directed) priorties, or the art of constant procrastination. I have found the Heavenly Father directed choices imperative to my health and well-being. His help is of course invaluable since he really knows our story; however, procrastination comes in very handy. Let go and let God, or just let go.

Love you so much, Mom

Nate and Di said...

PS You do know that I am at Nate & Di's house in Nw Hampshire & I am using their computer....

Love your real Mom,
Dena Marie Schaefer Kofford