Monday, October 19, 2009

problem solving by johnny

Yesterday morning Johnny came bouncing into our bedroom at about 7:30 in the morning. As he often is, he was carrying a banana. He shoved it roughly into my face as his way of politely requesting that I peel it for him. Immediately. Because I really wanted to go back to sleep for just a little longer and the banana, combined with cartoons would give me that opportunity, I did as he requested. I handed him the banana, he shook with joy. I then handed him the peel and instructed him to put it in the trash can. There is one not five feet from my bed. He blinked at me for a few minutes. He then bopped his way over to the vent cover on the other side of the room, removed the cover, plopped the banana peel down the vent and replaced the cover. Super. I should probably check all my vents just to be safe. Who knows how long it has been since he decided that they were trash cans. Perhaps that's also where he keeps his socks. That would explain a lot.


Carrie said...

Too funny!

Sara said...

Love it!

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Are you serious?!? So funny! I'm going to check all my vents too!