Monday, August 24, 2009

almost as good as my lexapro

In case you ever need it, the following is a list of things to do with Julie in Tulsa that have been pre-tested (by me, this past weekend). They are guaranteed to make for a delightful weekend and the send you home feeling like you can probably face the world again and do a little better job living your life.

  1. talk and talk and never even need the car radio.

  2. have flowers painted on your toes.

  3. eat desserts at a french restaurant at 10pm.

  4. haggle with flea market con men

  5. buy school clothes and birthdays and Christmas at fabulous consignment sale.

  6. lunch at Cosi-Why don't we have Cosi in Wichita?

  7. drink peppermint tea and read unusual magazines at Barnes and Noble for hours.

  8. search for an organic, homemade hair conditioner recipe.

  9. Cheesecake Factory, again.

  10. Braid hair in pajamas.

  11. Send slightly sexy pics to missing spouses (only to be informed by my own that his phone is a "work phone" and I probably shouldn't do this anymore).

  12. wear your heart on your sleeve, for the whole weekend.

  13. expose secret fears and obsessions so that they aren't so scary anymore.


Nate and Di said...

sounds like a perfect weekend!

Carrie said...

I'm glad you ladies had fun!

Dena said...

What a wonderful way to fill up your bucket! You give so much to your family and church, I am glad you put you on the "to do" list.

Love, Mom

Julie said...

Had a great time too. Love Ya!

erin said...

I was in Tulsa the very same weekend! How funny. And what a great town it is, especially when you have great friends to spend it with.