Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lighting changes everything

As many of you know my boys are fighting some pretty nasty problems with their asthma so last night I got up at about 3 with Johnny. An hour and a half later as I walked down the staircase back to our room I noticed that the light was different. I looked out the high windows along the back of our home and saw the golf course covered in clean snow. I forgot how snow reflects every little piece of light and changes it's nature. It was lovely. It was still beautiful this morning when we all woke up. The boys are entranced. As am I.


Dena said...

I never get tired of how beautiful the Lord made this earth, and snow is exquisite! Especially when you get to see something special, like you did last night.


Linn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your boys, but what a good mom to notice something so beautiful when I'm sure you were beyond exhausted. Thanks for sharing!