Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ok-fine- here you go- Tagged

I have been"tagged" several times and I just haven't gotten around to doing it until now, plus the one Di sent wasn't too hard.

TV shows I like to watch

1. Fringe

2. CSI (all versions)

3. Gossip Girl

4. Ghost Whisperer

5. What not to wear

Things that happened to me yesterday

1. Had my teeth cleaned

2. Went to walmart- twice-ugh

3. Birthday party at Chucky Cheese

4. Went running in the dark and cold- still fun

5. Waited up way too late for Ty to come home from work-went to sleep at 1-he wasn't home yet- poor Ty

Favorite places to eat

1. Happy Sumo

2. anywhere Indian

3. Cheesecake Factory

4. Bella Luna

5. Doc Greens

Things I am looking forward to

1. Christmas with the whole Daniels family

2. piano lessons

3. Date night on Friday

4. getting all my art framed and hung

5. January bonuses

Things on my wish list...where do I even begin

1. art deco plates for my kitchen

2. new countertops

3. A play structure for the backyard

4. apothecary jars

5. vintage style aprons

People I tag

1. Carrie

2. Julie

3. Mom

4. Angie

5. Cassi


Cassi Ostler said...

Oh, come on now.. you know better then to tag ME...I never do these things...

Steph and Andrew said...

i love reading your posts! i wish i had as many cool and interesting things to talk about. and with pictures...