Wednesday, November 19, 2008

clean slate- thankful #37

"Hmmm," you are saying to yourself, " I am looking at a photo of carpet, ok?" Last year when we bought this house we put in new carpet throughout the house. I love the carpet we chose. Then Johnny was born. He spent the next 14 months vomiting on my pretty new carpet about 8 times a day. I am the proud owner of both a carpet steamer and later in the year, a spot bot. I have tried really hard to stay ahead of the spots all over my house. Unfortunately I was not always in the room when that child left evidence of his tummy problems. The upstairs bonus room got the worst of it. No matter what I did that carpet seemed to always have spots all over it. Ewww and Ugh! I sort of gave up trying to spot treat that carpet and there were way too many spots for the spot bot. I was waiting for him to stop with constant spit-up because once I got those stains out I didn't want them to come back. Since we have re-introduced Prevacid into our lives the spit-up has finally decreased significantly. Yesterday I finally pulled out the steamer and cleaned all the carpets upstairs. They are shiny and beautiful. Am super happy.

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Carrie said...

Nothing like the sight of a clean carpet in a room! I almost don't want to walk on it.