Sunday, November 16, 2008

kiss it better- thankful #36

Johnny refuses to be left at the childcare center at our gym. This is not their fault. They really are very nice to him. Whenever I make the attempt I drop him off and then sprint up to the track and run as fast as I can trying to get a little distance in before they come to get me in about twenty minutes to inform me that he's simply inconsolable. Tommy regularly runs off the playing space of whatever the current team sport he is playing in tears of frustration. He just needs a snuggle and a kiss before running out to try again. We go through band-aids at an alarming rate. Tommy wears them for about 45 seconds before his injury is "all better". There is not any one in the world that can make it better for those boys quicker than I can. I get it. If you promise not to tell anyone I will admit that when I am really sick or heartbroken, my soul craves my mommy. My husband is a wonderful father and he will make things better if I am not around. But I love being the one they crave, the one they run to when life hurts, the one whose neck they snuggle into, who wipes away the tears, the one who makes it better. It's such a small space in time that I have these little ones and every minute that they spend in my arms is heaven.


Haley said...

lots of great things to be thankful for.

Carrie said...

It is amazing how strong and safe our little arms can become to our little ones.