Sunday, May 18, 2008

these are the days of our lives...

When people ask me if there is anything new and exciting in our lives I usually have to say , "nothing much." We're pretty boring this week as well, but there were lots of little things of note to no one but us.

-Johnny started crawling forward. Hooray! He has, of course, been crawling backwards for several weeks but he finally figured out how to move towards what ever it is he desires instead of away from it. He is thrilled, as are the rest of us.

-Tommy and Johnny have started playing together! I love having little boys. Tommy has never shown one ounce of jealousy (knock on wood) and now that John is mobile on purpose they are sort of playing together, driving trucks and such. It makes my heart happy to watch them together.

-Tommy has been telling us for several months that when he grew up he would like to be a ninja. He doesn't know what a ninja is but his father taught him to say that as his idea of a joke. This week he informed us that he would like to be a train engineer.

-We spent several hours on Thursday playing dentist. Mom had a check-up in the morning stirring memories of Tommy's own visit several weeks ago. Three hours of successive, two minute long check-ups from Dr. Tommy followed by toy surprises. " I am just going to poke your teeth."

-We visited Riverfest with some friends of ours. The kids got to ride rides, jump in bounce houses, see police horses, climb on fire trucks, eat homemade corndogs and shaved ice, marvel at the 25 lb. catfish and finally, fall asleep in the car from sheer exhaustion.

-It's really summer here in Kansas this week so we pulled out the trusty backyard pool and the water guns. We have spent several afternoons just puttering around the backyard in the sun. The boys smell like grass and sunscreen at bathtime every night and the bottom of the tub is always covered with sand.

So our week was full of little things that mean nothing to most people, but everything to us. I have been feeling this sense of loss lately because it feels like our lives are flying past us. I am loving these days with little ones and they are growing faster than I can believe. I am afraid I am missing too much in my rush to do the laundry or clean the bathrooms. I am having a hard time finding the balance and I have to admit that this week I am behind on the laundry and the bathrooms are a disgrace but we had days worth remembering.


erin said...

I think when the kids play together of their own volition it is absolutely the coolest. I rue the day I'm tired of watching my kids together and happy. Watch out when they start having their own conversations! That will give you a smile that lasts for days.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who was behind on laundry! :)

Adri said...

Ditto to your final comments. Life is such a balancing act, and often to heavy on the cleaning. You said it all so well!

Andrea said...

Your boys are so darling! I might be passing through Kansas in late June on my way to Utah. Maybe I can plan a stop and have a play date with our littles!

Haley said...

sounds like the life of a mom. my house is never clean, but we love the playgrounds and our exploring.