Thursday, May 15, 2008

stereotypical perfection

Today was Tommy's last day of preschool. They did a little program for the parents. All of the other children sang adorable songs about Jesus and animals. Tommy chattered on at the top of his voice all about the lights on the stage. He did, to be fair, sing intermittently, and when he did, he did it wholeheartedly. The commentary on the lights was hilarious. He also flashed his tummy to the audience because he apparently felt the show could use a little spicing up. I was sitting on the floor snapping away with my camera, my husband and baby in the chair next to me. Everyone in the room was smiling, including baby John. It was a pretty perfect morning.

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erin said...

How funny! One time Gideon was singing at Hannah Circle (which is kind of like MOPS) and at the end he was yelling at the teacher "STOP. SINGING." Apparently he was bored with the production but it made me laugh.