Saturday, May 31, 2008


For those of you getting sick of reading about running you had best stop reading now. For everyone else, today I ran my second 10K run. It was the Bridal Veil Falls Run up Provo Canyon. There were hills. There are no hills on which to practice in Kansas. I was very nervous. There is also that whole altitude thing. Again, very nervous. I was surprised. It was great. I shaved three minutes off my time ( I am still slow, but less so) and it felt wonderful. The scenery was absolutely breathetaking and I think my body is starting to get the hang of this. My knees and achilles are no longer sore and after a run I feel fantastic. It was wonderful to run along that beautiful trail and to feel so great. I know this is getting a little repetitive but I am so thrilled to have found something new that I love and makes me feel so good. So, enjoy the photo and relax in the knowledge that I don't have any races scheduled for a while so you all get a little break.


Linn said...

Break? We don't need a break. Keep 'em coming. You are awesome! Way to go, my friend.

Andrea said...

Right on Angie!!! You are motivating me to run again. Nothing like having a new baby around to keep you feeling too busy to get off the couch!!!

Haley said...

way to go- don't you love running away from traffic. Nothing like nature to help motivate.