Sunday, February 17, 2008

Being a newbie to this whole blog experiance I have spent the last week reading the blogs of many old friends and catching up with others who are reading mine. I have loved reading and hearing about their lives and families but most of all I have been impressed with the calibur of the women in my life. My whole life I have been blessed to have known beautiful, talented, intelligent and articulate women. I have lived in 11 cities in 4 states and 2 countries over the last thirteen years and I can honestly say that I have met an amazing women in all of these places and in many of the places lots of them. I am so grateful for the insight and inspiration that you all bring and have brought to my life, I am a better woman having known you.

As to the the rest of my life it is much the same as it is often. Tymon's brother Devin came to stay with us for several days. He is leaving on a mission for out church in a couple of weeks. He is excited and nervous. I watch him with my litttle boys and both dread and look forward to the day when they too will go off to an MTC somewhere to tell the world about what they believe. I am not as religious as I should or want to be so this reaction sort of surprised me. I will HATE to see them go but I think I will be proud of what they will be choosing to spend their time doing. I am just glad I have at least 15 years to get used to the idea of these boys leaving home. They are certainly not ready yet. We had the missionaries in our ward over for dinner. Tommy was mightily disappointed when they showed up without their fire-fighting gear. Somehow he got into his head that the mission they were on involved putting out fires, he was, however, willing to share his boots until they found their own. He lives in this dreamworld of his own making. He wears costumes to dinner and stands in the middle of my kitchen spinning in circles while he eats dessert. He blames all things unexplained on his little friend Nathan and all things lost are at his cousin Reese's house in Florida. It does not help to expain the truth of any given situation. Once he has decided how things are he is absolutely positive in his conviction. He has a little friend, Gage in primary who has personal space issues. If you get in his personal space, he hits you. Tommy doesn't care, he marches into primary every week and at some point in the first five minutes he gives Gage a hug. He is always rewarded for his efforts with a good whacking, it doesn't stop him from trying to be friends with that little boy. He made me a Valentine this week with his Daddy, he told me the stickers were the best part. He slept with a little container of bubbles that he recieved as a Velentine because he could not bear to be parted from them. He learned tonight that when plays peekaboo with his brother using his soft, satiny "blankie", Johnny laughs and laughs. Tommy loved it. He looked up at me amazed, "Mommy, he's laughing!" Shortly before going to bed he informed me,"Mommy, I am in charge all time time!" His statement was made even more serious by the fact that he was standing on the couch in superhero pose and no clothing.

Johnny is becoming more of a person every day. You would never know that only a few months ago the child screamed 22 hours a day. He is bright and pleasant and so interested in whatever we are doing. The best way to upset him is to put him where he can't see what is going on. He is starting to arch up in his back and he tries to scoot around upside-down like his brother did. I have a feeling he will be mobile before we know it. He coos and talks all time time and once he starts really talking it is obvious that ours will not be a quiet and reflective home. He is doing much better. He has a little cold this week and some little asthmatic wheezes (I hate asthma!) but over all he is great.

Spring is coming in Kansas- I can feel it and I am so excited to get outside again. We are leaving for St. George later this week and I am going to bask in the sun. I am not good at winter in the midwest, even the wussy Kansas winters. I don't miss the -30 degrees days in Madison at all.


erin said...

I love your blog! So fun to read about you and learn more about your family. You know, I'm already counting on these Tuesday afternoon playdates so I will really miss you and Amanda while you are on your vacations. Have a great time in St. George and I will see you when you get back!

Andrea said...

Angie--so fun to hear from you in blogland! You boys are darling. I need to catch up with you more!