Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our first entry-Feb.10, 2008

Hi everyone-

This is our new Daniels family blog so that we can hopefully keep all of you updated on our doings. It will be updated at least once a week on Sunday afternoon for the time being. This was a unexpectedly exciting week in the Daniels house. Johnny was admitted to the hospital last Saturday afternoon for RSV. He was dehydrated and his oxygen was a little lower than they like to see it. He and Mommy stayed overnight in the hospital while they gave him lots of breathing treatments and re-hydrated him with an IV. Luckily, he was doing much better by the next evening so we were able to take him home. By the time I took him to the Pediatrician on Tuesday he was doing much better. We feel very blessed to have children who are usually so healthy and don't often see the inside of a hospital. Daddy stayed home from work on Monday to help Mommy. It was a beautiful day ( over 70 degrees) and so Daddy and Tommy spent the afternoon at the park while Mommy and Johnny stayed home and recuperated. Life went back to normal the very next day with preschool and lessons and playgroups and all the other things that keep us busy. This week, our friend Katrina painted a mural on Tommy's wall of the trucks from the quilt on his bed. It turned out so great we are already planning our next project for Johnny's room. On Saturday we had two other families over for the afternoon. Miss Amanda had a special pan that made little cakes in the shape of different train cars. All three little boys got to decorate their own little trains with frosting and candy and marshmellows for smoke. The other kids ate theirs pretty quickly but Tommy loved to play with his. He would sneak tiny bite every now and then but he wouldn't eat an entire car. Even today he still driving his train cake all around the kitchen with all of it's frosting licked off and with all sorts of little bites missing. Every meal when I ask what he'd like to eat, he responds, "Train cake!"


Ginger said...

Your blogg is great! I guess Jeff and I should also jump on the blogger bandwagon now that life is soooo much more busy and harder to keep everyone updated. Miss you and love you!


Adri said...

Hey Angie...I saw your comment on my blog and was glad to know you've got your own little "spot on the web." It is so fun to see your cute boys. I'm sorry about RSV...been there, done that. It is horrible! Good luck with the recovery!

Linn said...

Angie, Glad your little one is doing better. I'm so happy you are blogging so we can stay in touch. Your boys are absolutely darling!