Tuesday, February 28, 2017

sweet dreams and flying machines

This is not today. It's going to be 76 degrees here in Collierville today.  My daffodils are in full bloom and my Grandma's irises aren't far behind. But, it is one of my favorite pictures of this house. The snow is misleading, it hardly ever snows much here.  I love this house. It is my favorite of all our houses. It has been full of kids and cousins. The woods were a little bit haunted (as all the best woods are), and the park was a little bit dangerous (as all the best parks are). I brought sweet Charlie home to this house and Tommy and Johnny have started to become men they will be in this house. We've had broken bones and broken hearts and mended so very many hurts. We grew taller and stronger. We learned so much about who we were and who we want to be. For me, it's a house of dreams and magic. It was home. And very soon it will be someone's house. Someone else's magic and dreams and if they're very lucky, someone else's home. We are off on a new adventure. In a few weeks I will bundle all these boys onto a one way flight to Corning, New York. It's a beautiful little town in the wine country of western New York state. It is just my kind of place. My heart is still here though and hearts don't always move right away, just because you bought them an airplane ticket. To this lovely town, thank you for being a soft place for us to land, thank you for everything you taught us about love and friendship and life. Thank you for being so full of people who have become beloved. Thank you for teaching us that sometimes a new adventure is the best thing you've ever done and giving us the courage to do it again.


Haley said...

What! Holy cow! Best of luck. Have you already found a place? Now we will be a lot closer (even though we're not even comparable to family). You need to add more details about why, etc.

Unknown said...

Wow! Big news! I loved Collierville vicariously through you...seems like such a lovely town. I'm sure you'll make NY your home, too, but change is always rough. Safe travels, friend! Hope to catch up with you soon!
(this computer is logged in as Chad...sorry..can't figure out a quick way to change names without erasing my comment!)

Adrienne said...

That is big news! Congratulations on your move and on embracing a new adventure. I hope you find a great neighborhood with lovely neighbors. You were certainly a wonderful neighbor to us!

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