Monday, April 30, 2012

i am not a pinterest sensation

I'm writing this while waiting for a coat of paint to dry in  the powder room off my kitchen. Painting in that little tiny room is awkward to say the least. Cutting in around all those pipes and whatnot has made me sort of grouchy and resentful (of pipes). Lately I've been running across all of these links to the before and after pictures that people post of their new houses. Houses that they have completely redone, all at once. Floors, walls, cabinets, everything. They make comments like, "It's been a long six weeks but....". How? How are these people doing this?! A. Houses are kind of expensive, how do they have all this left over money to do all this major stuff? B. How do they look at a space that is brand new to them and imagine something completely different and awesome? Obviously the whole 'two houses' thing severely limits the amount of money I can pour into re-doing a new house, but still. Even if I had money coming out of my ears, I can't decide that fast. I wander around gazing at things. I buy so very many of those little jars of sample paint and I spackle my house with different colors trying to decide. I can't commit to hanging anything, even in the rooms in which I have managed to both pick a color and actually get it up on the walls because well, I don't actually know why. I just can't seem to. It's all just sort of overwhelming and I'm having a hard time really getting started, let alone having some fabulous, overarching vision for the whole place. Probably, this is just proof that I am not a designer at heart. I know what I love and I can usually decide what I want to do with one little piece of my world eventually but it takes me a while decide and I often change my mind. I think in pieces and steps, not whole house, whole project. Clearly, I have no vision. Ah well.
Why yes, two of those samples are exactly the same. I bought the same sample twice. 
Can you tell which two match?


Adri said...

I am totally the same way, Angie. Building a whole house, all at one time, about killed me!

Wish I could come see your new place in person!

Linn said...

Which is why I rent. Well, there are a lot of reasons I rent (like I can't physically sign my name to the amount of money they want for a house here in Boston), but that is one of them.