Saturday, November 5, 2011

reading material- thankful

Books. Can't do without them. I spend an obscene amount of money on books, regular and audio in any given year. I listen to books on my headphones while I run and sew and do laundry. I read every night when I go to bed. I have books on my phone and in my car. I love all of them. I have a fancy new Kindle coming later this month. I anticipate this making it way easier to hide my stacks.


Linn said...

Just seeing that stack of books makes me happy. Boy howdy, I'm with you on this one!

Adri said...

Loving your annual thankfuls, Ang.

And, I'm with you on the books. Although I'm too cheap to actually buy them, so I'm the incessant book borrower...from the library, from my book buying friends, from my parents. Love them!

P.S. Did you like Matched? I'm guessing you did, since Crossed is on your night stand. I'll have to go look up your review on Goodreads...