Saturday, November 5, 2011

hale and hearty- thankful

This week I have had a rotten cold. I sound like a croak-y frog. It is not attractive. It's the first time I've been sick in months and months. Granted, I seem to get pretty sick a couple of times a year, but that's it.  No cancers or serious anythings. I haven't even needed c-sections. Everything works well most of the time. I ask really a lot of my body  (way to much time at the gym or the track, crazy diets, not enough sleep) and it always just sort of does it.  I can run for miles and bend into all sorts of interesting shapes at yoga. My blood pressure is awesome and all those other numbers are great too. I don't even get injured nearly as often as I deserve to. I am constantly complaining about not being exactly the size and shape I have decided I want to be but, really, I can't complain.

*I am frantically knocking on wood as I post this, just in case something is listening.

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Steph and Andrew said...

Maybe you should give your body a rest sometime :) You know what I mean!