Saturday, January 1, 2011

i have a new favorite

I've been thinking about holidays. It's sort of that time of year. Christmas was lovely. We stayed home and wore our jammies most of the day. But on the 26th I was so very, very finished with all the rig-a-ma-role that is Christmas these days. I took down every stitch of Christmas stuff (excepting the Christmas cards, because I really love christmas cards from all you dear people) and felt very relieved. New Years' is a horse of a different color. The prep work on my part involves coordinating with friends to find a party and booking a sitter. That's it. Then I go to a great party, for which I get to dress fancy, with people I adore. The next morning I sleep late and wake up to a clean slate and a fresh start. I get to spend this month evaluating my life and cleaning out closets. Maybe I'm a little nutty, but that feels like heaven to me. My heart of hearts feels all happy and snuggly at the thought of a new beginning and spotless linen closets. So. This month I will be posting about all the things I am trying to do better, you know, so I have to be accountable and all. I'm so very thrilled by the prospect.

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