Saturday, December 18, 2010

i was doing so well

My Christmas cards went out Decmeber 4th. I was so very proud of myself. It took a little longer than usual because my maililng list seemed out-of-date and incomplete. I swore that I had updated it and fixed it last year, but shrugged it off.  I must have handwritten the corrections and not gotten around to entering them into the computer. I had a few more cards left over than I thought I should but chalked it up to overestimating the size of my list. As some friends began commenting on receiving our card and others on not receiving it, I started to get a little suspicious. Thought I'd check the list one more time. Turns out I had been using the old, out-dated and incomplete list from three years ago. Some of the omissions I caught at the time, most I did not. So, if you happen to recieve two cards from me this year or maybe none at all, sorry. I think I've gotten it all straightened out but can't be sure. Probably, I'll do better next year.



Emz said...

I just freaking happy I got one.


beautiful you
beautiful family.

Merry Christmas.

Linn said...

Now your card means even more. I LOVED it!

You have the most darling family!

Merry Christmas cute friend!

xo, L.

verna said...

Angie, I got the card, old grandmas don't change addresses and I am glad.Your boys are so handsome and I love how you all look together. It would be an example of a "Happy Family". Sorry you have sickness with them, but hope they grow out of them.
"Thanks for the picture".
Love, Grandma Verna

RoxburghFour said...

We got your card Angie. Beautiful. What a cute family of all boys. You are the princess of the house, even though it might sometimes feel more like Cinderella trying to keep up with little boy messes. Merry Christmas.