Monday, November 8, 2010

good germs, bads germs- thankful

Over the course of the last five weeks this kid
has spent four of them on antibiotics. He has serious problems with his sinuses. He had surgery last spring to help, and it did, for like four months. Now we are back where we started. He has been trouble from the beginning. Colic for four long months. Acid reflux with a bonus of projectile vomiting until he was 2 and a half. He is currently on his second set of ear tubes and will probably need at least one more set soon. Nasty infections followed by doctor visits and rounds of antibiotics. But eventually they help. The infections don't spread to other parts of his little body. My doctors aren't forced to watch helplessly as he gets sicker. They can do something. Lots of somethings. We have health insurance that pays for most of it. And so instead of being a tragedy or even just a terrible hardship, it is mostly an inconvenience. I'll take inconvenience any day. In the meantime, I am considering in investing his entire college fund in Kleenex stock.


Rebecca said...

Modern medicine is such a blessing. But, all those doctor visits and hospital visits are no fun.

Poor little guy.

Emz said...

awwwwww man. bummer. Hope you keep the germs away[from you]. ;) Mom's can't get sick.

Andrea said...

Even if doctors can work miracles, it's never fun to watch your baby in pain. Poor little dude. :(

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Ugh!!! I hate, hate, hate that you and your little guy have to go through all of that sick stuff. I swear I've gotten more grey hairs and more wrinkles since this whole health scare with Latham. xo