Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wasting time

So Tommy is at school. All day. Johnny and I have lots of alone time. And he still naps. I have all this time when I should be getting stuff done. And there is stuff to be done. Closets to clean, toys to organize, an etsy shop to stock, baby gifts for my sister to sew, that one skirt I have been working on for a 50 years now because I can't get the zipper to obey, Julie's alterations, stuff to be done. But instead I putter, and think about blogging (this is my first actual blog in almost a week) and yesterday I took a nap. This is unacceptable. I am a productive person and now I have a little time to be productive. Time to go, go, go! Yawn. Probably, just making this list will help right? Now I have a starting place, a jumping off point. Any minute I am going to bolt out of this chair and rush off to be useful and justify my stay-at-home status. Seriously. any minute now, off I will go, I swear. Sigh.


Linn said...

I feel so much better after reading this post. I was just sharing with a friend that I feel just kind of here. What the heck is the matter with me? I'm just kind of happy hanging out. Help me, I need a big old dose of motivation. I think I'll work on that. Tomorrow.

Emz said...

Relax days are necessary. ENJOY IT WOMAN!!! :)