Thursday, August 19, 2010

falling short

(Whatever, so I'm not them)
So today I was supposed to run a twenty. I only made it 18. Partially because I ran out of time but mostly because that was just all I could do today. That's still pretty good. I ran farther than anyone else on that track today. Lately, I am trying to be satisfied with the best I can do. I am not ever going to meet many of my own standards and the best I can do is all I can do. Angst about what I can't do is sort of useless and it's not like I have the energy and time to spare. Next week I will run twenty, if it kills me, promise. See how I am all self-actualized and stuff?


Carrie said...

I'll never understand why women run in only underwear!!!

Emz said...


You are amazing. 18--- it's amazing too. "only 18"?! That's an oxymoron.

You rock.

Steph and Andrew said...

you are truely my idol! I wish you lived closer so you could drag my fat butt 18 miles. I go like 5 miles and am sore for 2 weeks.