Tuesday, August 3, 2010

on underpants and broken hearts

So. The pull-ups have run out. I have not purchased anymore. This means I am doing lots and lots of laundry. Some of it super disgusting. Sigh. I am doing all the tricks, candy, running, praising, scolding, standing on my head, you get the idea. We might have had a breakthrough in the last few days. He starting to urinate most of the time when I put him on the potty. He still does it in his underpants in between as well, but less often. That's good, right? It came at kind of a high cost. He comes out of the bathroom having pottied successfully and says hopefully,"Good boy? Me, is a good boy?" His big blues eyes begging, literally begging for my approval, the jelly bean is just a bonus. Apparently all the negative feedback has been a little rough on him. Why yes, that loud cracking sound you hear is my heart shattering into a thousand pieces. He has taken to hiding soiled or wet underpants in lots of helpful places and today he hid his whole self after an accident he couldn't hide. Am worst. mother. ever. I don't think I've been all that over the top with the accident talk. We talk about how it is gross and yucky and big boys go in the potty but my little free spirit is feeling a little bruised. And it's all my fault. Dear universe, please make this over soon, please, please, please? For now, I am taking him to the zoo, it's his favorite place. I will pack lots of underpants. And buy him a snow cone.

*Mom- I love you, but you are not allowed to comment on this post due to your completely unrealistic view of the subject matter.  Kisses.


Emz said...

you are so awesome.

Such an awesome mom you are.

Have fun at the zoo. I'm calling in right now to Mr/Mrs Universe and we are going to get this sorted for you. Hang in there.

Rebecca said...

This sounds really rough! Hang in there!

Also---where is he putting the messy underwear?!!!

Amber said...

The potty training in a day book should be banned out of existence. You are not the worst. He is not the worst. It will get better.

Linn said...

You are a fabulous mom! You are. You'd better believe me because I am so smart and completely know this.

It is potty training that is the enemy. I am getting gray hair just thinking about it in my near future.

Help us all.

Dena said...

Oh my gosh, you are so right. My post was unrealistic. However, I must say that my five children were all brilliant in the potty training arena, especially my oldest daughter. She set the bar high and the rest followed. Blah, blah, blah...

I see now that sometimes I was brilliant, and sometimes you kids were brilliant, in spite of me.

Sometimes you think you have mastered something like being completely potty-trained, and all of the sudden you start having accidents! How can we ever get to be perfect if we keep having to relearn what we already thought we knew?

Love, Mom

Yea, I know you said not to post, you know how difficult it is for me to do what people tell me to do,