Monday, May 10, 2010

none of these were long enough for a real post so...

*It turns out that I am not good at voicemail anymore. I used to be, but now, am not. I check it like once a week. Maybe. Because I figure if it's really important you'll text me or email me or just come find me in person or something. Bad, bad, bad. I am trying to be better.

* Sort of hoping that the severe weather predicted this afternoon will come to pass. I don't (heaven forbid!) want a tornado to blow my house away or anything like that but I probably wouldn't mind  the loss of a few tree limbs. There is nothing like a really good spring storm in the midwest. Somehow all that chaos and lightning makes my soul feel soothed. Weird, I know.

* Have decided that bribing my kid to clean up his toys with the promise of a forbidden weekday movie is totally O.K. when said movie is of the National Geographic variety because it's educational and effective.
Plus, I love when he quotes random penguin stats to the nice little old ladies at church who think he's brilliant.

* Have found that now that the lamented decision I made last week is over, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Very relieved. This is a higher power telling me it's the right thing for sure, right?

*Plan on spending as many afternoons as possible this week tinkering around in my sewing room. I've been too busy and distracted lately and the number of hours I spend sewing ( and weirdly, running) seem to be directly tied to my overall sense of well-being.

* Also the roses have started blooming and every new bud that opens is absolutely thrilling. Am amazed by how quickly I have become obsessed with my little beauties. Just ordered three new heirloom english and their fall blooming will be spectacular. Thank goodness for big yards and husbands who are too busy and too indulgent to stop me from planting roses in every spare space I can find.

The End

Photo courtesy of me, thank you very much.

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Emz said...

* texting - yay!
* storms = happy me, I must agree
* because he IS brilliant!
* if National Geographic IS bribery - [see above] & you are brilliant too...duh! ;)
*love this one! so true!
*photo time for roses yet?!