Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tommy and I are having a slight disagreement. He insists that he cannot remove his own seatbelt and is thus, stuck in the car. I insist, based on past experience, that he can. To demonstrate his said helplessness he is sitting forlornly in the car, inside the garage, shouting occasionally for me to rescue him. He is munching on leftover picnic to keep his strength up and Johnny has gone out to visit several times so he won't get lonely. I don't think he realizes that eventually we will have to go somewhere else and if he is already in his carseat we are just that much more likely to be on time. This is a win-win situation for me.

*Postscript- He lasted 14 minutes at which time he quietly slunk into the house and carried on as though nothing had happened. Today he lasted less than two minutes although there was still quite a bit of dramatic flair thrown in for effect.


Emz said...

you are awesome!!

He's got food - he's good. But the toilet thing may be a problem?! hmmmmmmm.

Dena said...

You are an awesome Mom. Please let us know how this turns out. Remember when Cassi, your sister went "catatonic" - for several hours!

Love, Mom

Steph and Andrew said...

me and my nursing school friends read this and had a good laugh. That's awesome!

Missy Rogers said...

You are my hero. However you have to give kudos to the kid for will- power. I wonder where he gets it . . . :)